7 things bookkeepers can do for your small business

1. We manage your day to day accounts. This way we’re always keeping track of your cash flow, helping you stay on track to hit those monthly goals.

2. We maintain up to date and accurate records. It’s our job to alert you to any inconsistencies between the books and your business accounts, that way any issues are quickly resolved.

3. We manage bank feeds. We manage all transactions that are brought in through a software. Bank feeds are what link that software with your business bank account, this allows you to see transactions happening in real time.

4. We keep you prepared for tax season. Tax deadlines can be quite strict. With a lot of small businesses doing the books isn’t a priority, so a lot of these deadlines slip under the radar. Having a bookkeeper means that that never happens again, we can keep the tax man happy and prevent you from paying any additional fee’s.

5. We prepare your financial statements. As bookkeepers we are also responsible for preparing statements such as, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.

6. We handle accounts payable, this means we can make a payment on behalf of the small business. This can include anything from payment of supplier invoices, petty cash and expenses.

7. We keep your business aligned with laws and regulations. Tax can be a sensitive and tricky area to navigate as a business owner. One mistake and dreaded letter from the tax man can be on it’s way. That’s where we come in, we will help to make sure your business is always staying aligned with the current laws and regulations.

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